There’s No Such Thing As Free


Anything that screams free especially on the internet should send a chill down your spine. Think of free as bait. It is something to lure you in so that somebody can rip you off. There is always somebody who wants to reap where they didn’t sow.  Cheats and ‘free hacks’ are never just that.  You end up losing your account because those selling the cheat story to you steal log in information from you as you log in or download their hack tool. Internet sites claiming to help you earn free Robux are just scammers. Robux is earned through stipends or selling collectible items. Should Roblox be giving any free Robux then proper channels will be followed. There’s no reason to engage third parties or middlemen.robux

Protecting Your Account

With the giving period here, people will claim to give a lot of things and ask for your password. It is important to note that your password only belongs to you. Not even bank management asks you for your PIN or password so why should you give it to complete strangers online?

Change your password regularly and always include unusual characters, numbers and letters.

Take advantage of your security settings. Features like the 2SV make it hard for outsiders to crack through your security system. The 2Step Verification system backs up your account’s security with a code you can only retrieve from your email.

Recovering Your Account

If you lose your account to the scammers, you lose your Robux most of the times.  The first thing you should do is try to reset your password.  Contacting management is wise because they will help you with some of the lost Robux.robux


Cheats are purposed for stealing. No one will help you steal something unless there is something in it for them.

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