Defense Against Medicare Fraud


People who experience any kind of Medicare fraud need a strong Medicare fraud defense in order to avoid all possible convictions. They can’t really do that when they don’t have an experienced defense attorney at their backs to shield you from all those confusing, unfair and insulting questions. Attorneys can remove each and every charge or even reduce the consequences through negotiations with the prosecutors; well it will depend on the kind of attorney you hired. If you want someone that won’t let you or your case down, we suggest you contact David Levin to handle the job.


Medicare Fraud

Basically, Medicare is the federal program that provides various medical care for the aged; it’s quite different from Medicaid which is a state program developed to provide medical care for the low income citizens. The government’s investigators or prosecutors can charge recipients of the said programs for misrepresenting data on their personal applications, lending out their IDs to those who are also in need, knowingly receiving more services or products than they actually need and even reselling medical products they received. Service providers can also be charged for prescribing unneeded products or conducting unnecessary procedures.


The Law Offices of a certain David Levine can provide one of the most aggressive and effective Medicare fraud charges. Their staff believes that their defendant is innocent until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt; so that means they’ll defend you with everything they got. Another thing, they know what their defendants have in stake like their lives or their careers, so they’ll pull out all the stops to use as defense. If ever the client was subjected to any illegal searches or seizures, then they’ll quickly move to suppress it as evidence. Don’t worry, their team is quite experienced with Medicare fraud defense.

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