Everything You Should Know About a League of Legends Account


League of Legends is a fast paced and competitive multiplayer online battle stage. It’s a game developed by Riot Games and is available on Windows and OS X.

A lol account controls a champion and has the role as an summoner with some unique abilities who fight against a team of other players with champions.

Every account has two types of in game currencies:

  1. Riot Points (also known as RP)

Riot Points can be purchased with real money and are usually used to buy in-game things to improve the playing experience, add customization options and for adding convenience.


Riot Points can be used to buy boosts, which are used to increase the rate at which an  account can gain Influence Points(we will get into this type of game currency below), they are also used to buy champions and skins for champions.

  1. Influence Points (or IP)

Influence Points are a way to know the influence of a summoner in the League of Legends. It is mostly given based on the performance of an account on the Fields of Justice. There are many things that are taken into account when giving Influence Points to an account. These factors include whether the team won the game or lost it, the duration of the match, it mostly increases linearly as the game progresses and the type of game That was played. Influence Points are used to unlock the champions and runes. They can also be used to unlock the runebook pages in the Riot Store. If a team wins then the IP reward is 18 IP and 2.312 for every minute and for a lost battle it Is 16 IP and 1.405 for every minute. Also the IP increases with the level of your LOL account.

Below we have listed different game types that a lol account can play:-

  • The tutorial

A new account gets to play this game type and is mostly so that the player gets to know the basics and gets a better understanding of the game.

  • Co-op vs AI

This game type is available to new players who complete the tutorial game type or skip it. In this, a team of either 3 or 5 members play against champions who are controlled by Artificial Intelligence.


  • Custom Games

In this game type a player is allowed to play any game mode and any combination of players or AI opponents it wants.

  • Normal Matchmaking

As soon as an account reaches level 10, it can play this game type. In this game type similar skilled teams are paired with each other using a matchmaking algorithm.

  • Ranked Matchmaking

On reaching a level of 30 this game type is available for playing. This game type is similar to normal matchmaking and allows users to play against teams with similar skills and points.

  • Team Matchmaking

In this game type, player made teams with three or five players battle against other same skilled teams.

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