Explore The Charisma Of A Wonderful Turntable Enjoy The Music In Your Life!


A turntable is a simple device that comes is a very basic designed music player. Most of the people tend to go for a turntable rather buying a record player because of its easy to use and light weighted feature.

Basic design of a turntable:

The basic designing a turntable includes a space, known as platter where the music records are played. It also comes with a pickup device, consisting of a cartridge and a stylus. The basic working of turntable includes the turntable touching the grooves of the music record which creates a minor electrical signal which is later on converted into a preamplifier signal. Later on these pre amplified signals are converted into music with the help of speakers or headphones.


Factors to be kept in mind while buying a turntable:

There are certain things that one should keep in mind before buying the best turntable so that he gets the best of the best. Let us explore some factors related to the same as follows,

  • The cost of the turntable varies according to the design and features of the music player. A retro styled turntable comes with a plastic casing and built-in speakers. It is perfect for playing old retro music. But if you want a finer, richer sound quality than the cost of the turntable will increase variably. Pushing your budget up to the next level will give you noticeable improvements. But this is also where it gets complicated. As you go higher with the price range of the turntable, the features and specifications also gets to be improved. A mid-range price of the turntable doesn’t come with speakers, but if will increase your budget, the accessories of the turntable will also be enhanced.
  • Another factor that needs to be considered is whether you are looking for an automatic turntable or a manual one. In a manual turntable, the needle of the player needs to be removed or placed on the record, while an automatic turntable does this work automatically. But a manual turntable is more likely to be preferred as a durability of an automatic turntable is lower than a manual one. Also, placing and removing the needle from the record is not that difficult task.


  • Another factor is the rotational speed of the turntable. It basically comes with two different speeds, which is measures RPM, i.e. revolutions per minute. A 12 inch record, which is also known as album, is played at a speed of 33 RPM. A 7 inch record which is known as a single plays the sound at a speed of 45 RPM.
  • The place where you keep the turntable also affects the sound quality of the turntable. Any sort of external vibrations from the surrounding can affects the working of the needle, as the needle only is responsible for vibrating the vibrations which are then converted into sound signals. It is recommended to place the turntable on a sturdy area so that the vibrations of the music from the turntable are not affected.

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