Game With A Laugh!


Talking about the mini browser games, Happy Wheels has been on the top list since its release. Not only has it gained millions of users from all around the world but also has been successful in spreading laughter amongst its users. The funny base of the violent graphics of the game has been hugely accepted and enjoyed by the players. To enjoy the game you may visit

The Game Brief:

  • The game has become really famous because of its violent graphical representation which has been incorporated in the game in a humorous way. Your character in the game might lose his limbs and have blood pouring out from all his body parts but still he will thrive to reach the finish line unless he gets his head or torso crushed. Your player may get crushed severely by several obstacles on the way and even may get speared or shot. However, we assure you, the graphical representation will force you to have a good laugh seeing your character suffering.
  • The game features extremely interestingly odd characters such as a woman with a shopping cart, a moped couple, a guy on a pogo stick and several others which will surely make you love the game.
  • Another element of the game which has can be considered one of the most important reasons behind its huge success is the option to create your own levels on which you can play with those cool characters. You may even upload your newly developed level online for others to race their characters on. You may even choose to play on the levels developed by other users uploaded online.happy-wheelsWe assure you, you will become a Happy Wheels fan once you start playing the game and you will regret not playing the gaming sooner. Get ready to have a good laughter with the coolest game ever.

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