Keep Your Filipino Roots Alive Within You Wherever You Are With The Best Filipino Television Entertainment Programmes!


When you are far away in a foreign land and you miss your home, you call, text or Skype with your loved ones. But what if you miss your country, its people and culture, too? What then? What options do you have to reconnect with your homeland’s roots? One that comes to my mind right now is watching your favourite Filipino TV shows that portray your culture and values in vivid details.

These TV shows can give you a daily dose of Filipino lifestyle, tradition, culture and values and  waken up the dormant Filipino within you, if only for the time being. According to the latest census, there are about 10 million Filipinos living away from their homeland, with the biggest chunk concentrated in the US. For them, running around in a big city, earning bread and butter is a way of life, that most of the time ends up leaving them exhausted, distressed and feeling lonely. In such a situation, a ready escape to their beloved home can mean the world to them.

Luckily for them, there’s a thing called Pinoy Channel that exists only to cater to the family entertainment needs of all the Filipinos all around the world. Pinoy TV shows are by far the most loved of all Philippines shows. They capture the everyday life of the actual Philippines people, the challenges they face, the struggles they encounter and how they finally emerge victorious. Their TV shows are so relatable for the Filipino people that they find themselves absolutely hooked after watching just an episode or two of their favourite Pinoy shows.


Pinoy doesn’t just broadcast Philippines’ TV shows but also other East Asian countries’ (like China, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, etc), for instance, ‘The Healer’, which is an internationally acclaimed South Korean drama series.  This is for the reason that Filipinos are not just curious about their own culture but also about their neighbours’. Besides TV shows, Pinoy also telecasts Filipino news to those sitting far away.

The Pinoy TV shows are based on a wide and diverse variety of themes. Some portray love as in in ‘Juan Happy Love Story’, some, romance as in in ‘Sa Piling ni Nanay’, some others, action like in ‘Ang Probinsyano’, and yet others, musical drama like in ‘Born for You’. It even hosts the Filipino version of the most popular international reality television series, Big Brother, by the name of ‘Pinoy Big Brother’. ‘Pinoy’ is an informal name used to refer to the Filipino people and their culture.

The Pinoy’s news television programmes include 24 Oras, TV Patrol, News to Go, News TV Live, GMA News Update and Saksi. Besides TV drama series and daily news, Pinoy also offers some infotainment in the form of IBilib, which is a Japan inspired Filipino weekly programme exploring and featuring various scientific experiments, facts and theories surrounding everyday events in a fun, mystical manner. ‘i-Witness’ represents another angle of the vast Pinoy repository, featuring documentary news and public affairs on a weekly basis.

GMA Network and TV 5

Global Media Arts (or GMA) is a key commercial broadcast television and radio network based in Philippines. Founded in 1960 by Robert “Uncle Bob” Stewart, it is commonly referred to as the “Kapuso Network”. Headquartered in Quezon City and owned by a public listed company called GMA Network Inc., it has 3 originating TV stations and 50 relay stations nationwide. The three of its international channels meant for overseas Filipino population include:

  • GMA Pinoy TV
  • GMA Life TV
  • GMA News TV International


With its slogan as ‘Kapuso ng Bawat Pilipino’, meaning, ‘one with every Filipino, at heart’, the network’s broad array of programmes really seem to touch the hearts of the millions of Filipinos sitting miles away with its moving, phenomenal TV shows and documentary programmes. It is the most applauded and celebrated of all Filipino TV networks.

Formerly known as ABC 5, TV 5 is another major Filipino commercial television network telecasting to 7 other owned-and-operated stations, and 19 affiliated television stations nationwide. Owned by TV 5 Network Inc., and founded in June 19, 1960 by Chino Roces, the network operates out of Mandaluyong City in Philippines. With its slogan as ‘Find Your Happy Here’, it telecasts its shows overseas too through Kapatid TV 5 channel.

These two together provide the best Pinoy television entertainment to all the Filipino diaspora scattered around the world, while also being the most watched TV networks in their home country. Tambayan, which means ‘a place for hanging out’ in Filipino, is also a website that shows all the Pinoy TV shows aired on GMA Network and TV 5 online to all the Filipinos whenever they want.

All the Filipinos caught up in their busy schedules, who cannot find time to watch their favourite shows when they’re aired, have an option of watching them at their time, as per their convenience whenever they want on Tambayan. Tambayan offers them the following benefits:


  • All the videos and recordings on Tambayan are free to use.
  • The quality of videos is top-notch, much better than what You Tube or other such sites offer.
  • The user only needs internet and a device to access their favourite Pinoy shows from anywhere.

This is definitely great news to the all the homesick Filipino population round the world. All their Filipino shows are at their fingertips. They need not worry about the timing hassles or stress over the fact that they’re stuck in a foreign land, anymore. Pinoy, GMA, TV 5 and Tambayan have conspired together to finally put you out of your misery.

Everybody now owns an internet connection. It’s something the new age population can’t do without. And it has, yet again, proved amply useful to the thousands of millions of Filipinos in and outside their country. Yes, even the Philippines based population can now customize their schedule as per their requirements without worrying a jot about missing out on their favourite soap operas!

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