The Kiddiewink Fun Moviestarplanet


What is the moviestarpalnet?

Moviestarplanet is a social interactive website created for children between 8 to 15 years. Children are very social and they love to play with their friends and stay in touch. This is what Moviestarplanet is about. In the moviestarplanet children get to choose from a variety of movie star characters, dress them up, choose their hairstyles, make movies, play games and chat to the people they want or with their friends.

Creativity and fun

Moviestarplanet is a game to earn fame and fortune by social interactions. One can make movies watch other people movies.By playing and interacting with friends and by participating in creative competitions, players move up in the moviestarplanet world and get more and more coins.


The movie star starts at level 0, and the player progress through the levels by earning Fame. New levels give access to new animations and access to chat rooms reserved for movie stars at higher levels. Life is never boring on moviestarplanet – it’s all about playing, being social, and developing and showing your creative skills. While doing this one can earn fame points and star coins which can be used to buy more costumes and backdrops and décor etc. to make their movies more interesting and fun.

How to get started

The moviestarplanet start by creating your personal movie star, by clicking the New User button on the Moviestarplanet homepage. When this is done you have an account you can use to log into moviestarPlanet in the future. It is free to create an account and everyone can do it. There are a number of chat rooms available in the chat area. Besides from chat, there is the “Games” area which offers games and quizzes where anyone can play to win StarCoins and Fame. By going to the shopping area you can purchase the things you require to make the movie better.

VIP account

Most features of the game are free to all users however the player can pay to upgrade to a VIP account which gives players access to more game features, clothes and other items. Players can also purchase extra StarCoins using a credit card or cell phone.

Safety to children


MovieStarPlanet is loved by children. The safety measures are kept very high to keep children protected and safe. The parents can access through the parental control and get to know about the safety of their child.The systems filter out words that which have blocked, and which are meant for a child to use making them impossible to type. The system keep all reports filed by users and search the site for offensive language. moviestarplanet is safe for children to use it and enjoy the internet facility and have fun on the internet. The system makes it fully secure for a child to use it. They have made it easy for the child to instantly report other users with just a few clicks of the mouse.


The hacking is another issue to moviestarplanet and one quick search leads to dozens of YouTube videos that posted details about how to hack into accounts. People complain about their account being hacked and the coins they collected have been lost. It is very difficult to effectively monitor any site which is created purely for children and there are certainly many more security measures which moviestarplanet could take to ensure the safety of its members and make it more secure for the users.

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