Do You Know About The Criteria, A Packet Of Weed Strains Is Charged?


Buying a packet of weed must be difficult for you, if you are just a beginner in this world. People often feel embarrassed as they can’t ask such awkward questions from the dealer. The moment he will know that you are a beginner, he would want to ignore you. Hence, this article is to guide you for the selection of the best weed strains in the world and how they are priced.

Knowing the cost of the weed strains!

There are some important points which will guide to understanding the important aspects of weed strains. Let us explore some of the points related to the same as follows,


  • The cost of a good weed strain depend totally on the location, where the plant is grown, its stock availability , and its quality. It is not mandatory that the price of the weed strain remains the same all the time.
  • The price keeps on changing depending upon the availability of the products. Market results have proven that the average cost of the weed strain varies between thirty to seventy five dollars, depending upon the quality of the weed.


  • All the legal dispensaries which sell the weed strains, always keep the price range near to thirty dollars so that a common person afford it. But if you will buy the same, from an independent weed dealer, you will get it at a very high price, expensive than the dispensary price. This is the main reason; people tend to opt for medical dispensaries rather than going to a specialized personal dealer.
  • The cost of one dime of weed is approximately ten dollars which can be changed accordingly.

Along with reading the costing criteria, the person should also research about the side effects which can cause a serious threat to the life of the person.

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