Rules Proposed For Proper Soccer And Soccer Schedule For Fifa World Cup 2018


Soccer is the most familiar game of the world sports. The fan following of the game makes it stand tall and make superior to other games.. Football is played by over 250 million people around the world which makes it the most popular game. Soccer is the common abbreviated name of the football association and it was maintained by FIFA.

IFAB (international football association board) maintained the rules and regulations of the soccer. IFAB yearly updated and modified the rules and regulations. The IFAB board mainly composed of 8 members. Out of these 8 members 4 are from the FIFA and other 4 are from Ireland, England, Scotland and wales.

Let us some of the rules and laws of the soccer:

1st rule:

The ball used for the soccer must be spherical in shape and should be made up of comparable medium or leather. The perimeter of the soccer ball must be ranges from 27 to 28 inches. This rule is strictly followed to the official matches but when it comes to youth matches they use small which is best suited for the youth.


2nd rule:

The game is played between two consists of 11 player each including the goal keeper. Team must contain at least 7 players otherwise the match is stopped.  Three substitutions can be allowed per match and the substitute player must enter from the half way line and must with the approval of the field referee and only after the subbed player leave the left the field. The goal keeper must be substituted with one player on the field or with in the reserve during the stoppage of the game

3rd rule:

The player should wear the jersey, shin guards, shorts, cleats and socks. Referee has to right to send the player out of the field if he thinks the dress code is unsatisfied.

4th rule:

The referee is the lord on the field. The player should not questioned the referee decision, if they do so the referee can take displinary action. Simply saying referee decision is the final decision.

5th law:

The assistant referees are there to help the field umpire and player by giving some signal like indicating the flag when the ball is out of the play, offside, fouls of player.

6th law:

The game duration is usually 90 minutes plus extra time for umpire discretion and 90 minutes was divided as two halves a 45 minutes each. There is 15 minutes break in between two halves.


7th rule:

The method of scoring is simple if the ball is completely cross the goal line the point is allotted to the team. The team with the leading points at the end of the time are declared as winners.

8th rule:

The misconduct and fouls are most common in football. If the player try to kick or kick the opponent player it is declared as a foul. The others fouls are try to grab or grab the opponent, jumps at the opposition player, pushes the player of opponent, holding the ball deliberately  etc.

Jadwal bola for 2018 FIFA world cup scheduled to be held in France. The world is scheduled to hold from 14th June to 15th of July which is a span of 32 days. 32 countries fighting for the cup in 12 different venues. 32 teams are divided in 8 groups with four teams in each group. Group A to H.

The first match will be played between the home side Russia and A2 on 14thjune 2018.

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