Selling Your Patek Philippe At Luxury Buyers


People would kill to have their hands on a Patek Philippe watch, one of the most expensive and luxurious watch out in the world; buyers don’t really care if it’s pre-owned. On the other hand, as a seller, you need to make sure that you are selling it to a legitimate buyer. Direct buyers are alright, brokers and evaluators will cost you additional fees, but direct buyers like LuxuryBuyers won’t cost you anything considerably unfair.

Luxury Buyers


If you’re thinking of a high price for the Patek Philippe you own, you’d be shocked that it can actually be worth more if you sell them at Luxury Buyers. Regardless of whether your Patek Philippe is isn’t working, scratched or slightly nicked it will still catch a huge price; of course not as high as those that retained their quality. Buyers and collectors would give an arm and leg for top quality Patek Philippe watches. Because Luxury Buyers already have a market that’s more than willing to purchase the products they offer, you’d be pleased that they can pay almost as much as the original price at which you bought the watch.

Those Patek Philippe watches that your grandparents might have stored to rot away in the attic might be worth $300 during their time, but if they retained their quality and you sold them now then they might be worth more than $20,000.


If you sell them at Luxury Buyers, you only have to fill out an online form with as many details as you can possibly give. Wait for an estimate from their experts, if you like the initial estimate then notify the company; in case you don’t then that’s the end of the transaction. They’ll send an insured FedEx pouch so you can send them your Patek Philippe watch without paying for anything. Once they have received the pouch then they will personally inspect it before giving you a final price for your luxury watch. If you like the offer then notify them, they will then immediately transfer the money to your account; otherwise, they’ll send you back the item also using an insured FedEx pouch, which of course you don’t have to pay for.

Seller can receive just payment within 48 hours from the moment they filled out and send the online form. No more going from one place to the next, ending up with disappointing offer and having to bargain for a higher amount ever again.

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