Snapchat For Beginner’s


A certain instant messaging app where you can send messages and snaps to your contacts and hence the name Snapchat. It is one of the most widely used and also one of the most frequently used apps in the world. The best part of this app is that there is no database and the images or texts that you send are not saved and they disappear after you have seen them once. The viewing time also depends on the sender. The new update of snapchat also allows you to save texts but the only way to save pictures is by taking screenshots but the sender will get to know about it, you could always download a snapchat hacker to save pictures without the other user getting to know about it. You also have the option to upload stories that stay for an entire day and the people you have added on snapchat can see it. You can always change the settings of Snapchat to make it private or public. There are a lot more features to this app that have made it such a rage specially amongst the youth. 009_maxresdefault

Snapchat was created by two friends from Stanford and has grown a lot amongst the youth of the world. People can also follow their favourite celebrities on snapchat and see what they are up-to regularly. We can basically see what people are actually up-to all the time on Snapchat and that is why it is such an amazing app. Snapchat has also included many new filters that people can use to add quirky features to their face on Snapchat and also change their voice.002_hqdefault

Another feature of Snapchat that makes it so amazing is the points and till some days ago the bestfriends list.

The people you snap most with would be basically visible to everyone on your friend’s list and your points on snapchat also increases depending on the amount of snaps that you send or recieve. Though if you really care about your points on snapchat and really want to look like a pro in your social circle you can easily use a snapchat hacker that uses a third part server to increase your points on snapchat.

You also have an added feature to make video calls on snapchat with the help of their calling option. You can video call with anyone in the world who has snapchat and all you need to do is make sure that the other person is also using snapchat. Great app indeed!

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