Travelling to Kuala Lumpur by Train


If you’re currently in Singapore and you’re looking for the easiest and most budget friendly way to get to Kuala Lumpur then a Singapore Kuala Lumpur Train would be your best option. Compared to a bus ride it’s a lot cheaper and the view on a train ride is magnificent. An airplane ride might be a lot faster, but the cheapest airplane ticket available still costs twice as much as the train ride. On, you can book a train ticket with a few clicks of a button but they have no direct route.images_q=tbn_ANd9GcSGTpR2qu6XQEUW1kG-6wUPM75NeyIY7_F6FMaJMblX7JtwdvpD7A

Singapore to Kuala Lumpur

In order to get to Kuala Lumpur from Singapore with the help of EasbyBook, you have to ride three different trains and routes. The first one would be from Singapore to JB Central, JB Central is located in Johor Malaysia. After arriving at JB Central, the next train router that you have to take would be from JB Central to Gemas, it’s located at Negeri Sembilan which is also in Malaysia. Finally, you have to take the train from Gemas and arrive in Kuala Lumpur. Each and every booking along the way can be booked with EasyBook.

If you decide to book at EasyBook, first you have to choose the train routes that you want to book. On each train route you’ll have numerous options, each varying in schedule. Next would be to choose the number of seats that you will book; one person can book all train tickets for a group. The next step would be to enter all the required information, be careful with the encoding of the names because once it has been transacted, editing is not allowed. Lastly, you’ll pay for the tickets through your preferred payment option, you will receive a order summary within a few minutes; the order summary is presented during boarding.

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