Unleash The Wonderful Stage Of The Color Switch In The Entire Gaming Arena


Every heard of color switching game? Well, with the growing popularity of the game, the game of color switch is becoming a top favorite among other options. It is primarily a tap based game, in which the user has to select the specific color, with the high speed changing colors. The intensity of difficulty keeps on gradually increasing as the player moves ahead in the game. a total of eight different modes, are available in the game which takes it  much more interesting. Also if you don’t want to play the regular color switch game, you can switch it in reverse mode, or can customize it according to the need.

The wonderful game of color changer is capable of running on different platforms, like android and iOS which makes it quite easy for the different OS mobile users. The basic idea behind building this game of color switch was to replicate the techniques of 2D games, which was primarily built on red and green light.


What are new features added to the game?

There are so many unique and wonderful features, which have been added to the latest version of the game. Let us explore some of the new feature in the following points, as follows

  • There is a new endless mode which is the tower, has been added to the game of color changer.
  • There are around twenty different levels which have been added to the game, which adds a new level of excitement, and adventure to the game. Some of the most popular, stages which are added to the color changer game, includes, Halloween, slow and pumpkin mode. All of these newly added stages are full of fun and excitement which keeper the player captivated for hours.


  • In the levels of 26 to 27, there are fixed levels towers which add a sense of fun element in the game. All the levels in the game comes with different challenges which gives a sense of thrill to the player, meanwhile he is qualifying the stages.
  • The size of the game has also been improved with the new version of the game. It holds an effective optimization technique which focuses a lot on the size of the game.

Finding a perfect partner is passing down your leisure time? Then the color switch game is a must try as it beholds a large number of exiting features and excitement with it.

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