Ways People Cheat On Pokemon Go


Since its launch in July of this year, Pokemon Go has went on to become one of the most popular games ever downloaded both on the Google Store for Android-powered smart phone owners, and the App Store for iOS smart phone owners. A lot of people have been hooked and are in awe at the innovation which is the integration of augmented reality into the real world. Pokemon Go account for sale, as a matter of fact, is something which has become popular nowadays. Given this popularity of the app, and given the objectives which one has to achieve in order to have a fun and fulfilling gaming experience, some people, either out of envy from others who have already progressed well ahead of them in the game, or those who just can’t wait for them to do so much more and be more powerful resort to cheating just so that these people could get what they want. If you’re curious as to how people do it, then here are some of the common ways in which Pokemon Go players cheat on the app:

Buying of Accounts

Given that one of the things you do as a Pokemon Go player is to take the place of a trainor, and with the number of gyms conquered, the number of Pokemons captured, and the many battles you have to deal with and places you have to go, some people simply don’t have the patience to do all of this, and therefore, resort to buying other people’s Pokemon Go accounts. This is already becoming commonplace, as those who have been playing the game for long hours may get tired in doing so and would want to get something out of the time they spent doing so.


One of the things they do with their account, is that instead of deleting them, end up selling them to others. This is made possible sites which enable online bidding and selling to take place, such as eBay and Craigslist. The prices of these high-level accounts are rather hefty, and most of these accounts undergo an auctioning process.

In a news report, it showed that one who has a high trainer’s level could sell his account for as much as $1,500 or 7,300 British pounds. While it’s an expensive means, it’s a quick way of becoming the high-levelled trainer you’ve long dreamt of becoming.

Cheating the GPS

While some people are too lazy or impatient to play the game, some people find themselves too lazy to actually go out and play. To help with this, they resort to using apps which trick the GPS into thinking that they actually are moving, when they aren’t, and there are a lot which could be easily found online.


Using Third Party Apps

There are several third party apps which one can use in conjunction with Pokemon Go, and apps which let you cheat on the GPS is just one of them. Different kinds of third party apps enable you to play the app on a desktop or laptop computer are available as well. But just be reminded that these third party apps are not legal, and could cause you to be banned from playing the game.

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