Who You’re Playing With On Friv 2


The Internet has become a way to not only improve your productiveness, but for your amusement as well! With hundreds of websites offering online games and the like, you will be able to find entertainment online, whether you’re waiting in line or wanting to reduce stress.

Players of Online Gaming

When it comes to online gaming, you will be interacting with people around the world. Not only that, but you will also be able to play with others around you. Friv 2 offers an abundant number of multiplayer games you’ll definitely have fun playing with friends or family. And because of that, you’ll be experiencing different attitudes of players and how they act when playing.


Here are the different types of people you may encoutner when playing multiplayer games on Friv 2:

  • The competitive – You’ll either want to be with them or don’t. They will do anything to win, and they do it their way. It can get pretty heated, so be careful!
  • The slacker – These are boring people. Maybe they were forced to play, or they just aren’t in the mood. You’ll most likely win the game with these players, or you just end up doing something else because they’re just no fun to be with.
  • The screamer – You will definitely not want to be playing with someone like this, unless you’re in a private place and got your earbuds ready! They’re loud when they lose, loud when they win, so you can’t win either way. They’re fun to be with since they are bubbly and don’t care who sees, but unless you don’t want to be embarrassed in public, it’s best to just postpone playing until you’re alone.
  • The angel – You’ll love these kinds of players, but they do get boring to play with. The angels are those who play fairly, but just let you win for fun. This may be a way to please you, but it’s best to play a game with someone who wants to win as much as you do as well, in order to spice things up!


  • The devil – These are those who are evil enough to compromise the game, making you lose miserable through tricky tactics. From cheating to mean words, you would not want to play with a devil player! They may be a troll, but all you can do is pretend to laugh while avoiding choking them.
  • The neutral – This may be you, or this may be acquaintances not wanting to show their true colors yet. You may be lucky to have a neutral player who plays the game fairly, without competitiveness but just there for the fun. But in time, they may evolve to any of the 5 players, so watch out!

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